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we went to founders day and I got to shoot a gun and enter the pie contest but LOST because there was too much pie. miss katie ate the most I guess she really likes it but I don't think the luthern ladies can cook. Then we got attacked by commies and I got to get guns it's okay to kill the commies and I'm going to kill them all.

I want to get an airplane and get all of the people i like away then set the town on fire and kill everyone then let the people I like come back and live anywhere they want. Mama said I can't do that but Daddy said I can shoot all the commies that I want because they are a threat to all americans and he's going to pay for gun lessons and Mama said she'd shoot him and he said that she wouldn't dare because that dago was good for nothing and he's taken care of us and she better realize shes got something good and she said that he cares about her and would help her find a job and a place to stay and he said she was going to sleep in an old broken down car and he would never let me go live there and then they closed the door. But Mama said we aren't going anywhere and that i still can't call him Daddy in public and that she'd have to talk to vito since she cant leave.

I told her we need to kill all of the commies and then they could worry about silly grownup things. If i kill the commies then everyone in school will be my friend.


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